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It was the colour of milk; but the children did not have their father's sense of humour, and they looked at him reproachfully as he poured the medicine into Nana's bowl. "What fun!" he said doubtfully, and they did not dare expose him when Mrs. Darling and Nana returned. "Nana, good dog," he said, patting her, "I have put a little milk into your bowl, Nana." Nana wagged her tail, ran to the medicine, and began lapping it. Then she gave Mr. Darling such a look, not an angry look: she showed him the great red tear that makes us so sorry for noble dogs, and crept into her kennel. Mr. Darling was frightfully ashamed of himself, but he would not give in. In a horrid silence Mrs. Darling smelt the bowl. "O George," she said, "it's your medicine!" "It was only a joke," he roared, while she comforted her boys, and Wendy hugged Nana. "Much good," he said bitterly, "my wearing myself to the bone trying to be funny in this house." And still Wendy hugged Nana. "That's right," he shouted. ashamed of himself, and yet he did it. escortservice leiden escorts, escortservice nederland, escortservice schiedam, "Coddle her! Nobody coddles me. Oh dear no! I am only the breadwinner, why should I be coddled--why, why, why!" escortagency amsterdam, escortservice hotels, ansterdam escortservice, hour longer." The children wept, and Nana ran to him beseechingly, but he "George," Mrs. Darling entreated him, "not so loud; the escorservice zuid holland, servants will hear you." Somehow they had got into the way of calling Liza the servants. utrecht dames, escortservice castricum, "Let them!" he answered recklessly. "Bring in the whole world. But I refuse to allow that dog to lord it in my nursery for an dames meisjes callgirls 24 uur, escorts lelylaan, escort veenendaal escortservice, waved her back. He felt he was a strong man again. "In vain, in vain," he cried; "the proper place for you is the yard, and there you go to be tied up this instant." escortdames, escort heemskerk, "George, George," Mrs. Darling whispered, "remember what I told you about that boy." Alas, he would not listen. He was determined to show who was escortservice rotterdam, escorts alkmaar, master in that house, and when commands would not draw Nana from the kennel, he lured her out of it with honeyed words, and escorts veenendaal, prive escort amsterdam, seizing her roughly, dragged her from the nursery. He was

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